Glossary of Legal Terms

This helpful glossary of legal terms contains many of the words and phrases used in legal practice in federal courts. This list containts 100 of the most common legal terms in easy-to-understand language. Click on a letter below for all of the terms and phrases that begin with that letter.

  • Letter A (Acquittal through Automatic Stay)
  • Letter B (Bail through Businesss Bankruptcy)
  • Letter C (Capital Offense through Creditor)
  • Letter D (Damages through Due Process)
  • Letter E (En Banc through Exemptions)
  • Letter F (Face Sheet Filing through Fresh Start)
  • Letter G (Grand Jury)
  • Letter H (Habeas Corpus through Home Confinement)
  • i
  • j
  • l
  • m
  • n
  • o
  • p
  • r
  • s
  • t
  • u
  • v
  • w

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